1997 Terrorgruppe uber Amerika ( BYO) (CD)


Die Gesellschaft ist schuld, dass ich so bin - not available (only in german)


Ich bin ein Punk


Sozialer Misserfolg


Hallo Nachbar


Sonntag Morgen






Schöner Strand



Dicke Deutsche






Sozialkritik Lied


Keine Airbags für die CSU


sex beat

not available

2.I' m a Punk Rocker

Where I go and where I stay

everybody knows everything better

but I have the better advantage

my swiss army knife

slogans from right and left wing

but sorry I'm only 10% politically correct

I'm a Punk !

The whole day long I hear

boycott this and boycott that

but I go to McDonalsds and eat

what I prefer most

and when I talk about sex

they call me a sexist

they all know it better

but I know how it is

I'm a Punk !

so listen up friends of humanity

first I piss in your faces

then I sit down at home

and write you a poem

and you will never get as nice a world

as I already have

I'm a Punk !

3.Social Failure

The way to school is too far

but the amusement hall

is right around the corner

and mothers hidden cookie jar

is enough for this

But they won't let you in

cause you'r not old enough to have an I.D.

so should you rather by dope

or have a drink ?

You chose the first possibility

and you are in time

on the school yard

where you can deal your commodities

After the first school break

you're sold out

Now, stoned and tired you want to go home

#and count your money

Social Failure - you're 13

The teacher was watching you too close

decided to call the police

Now you're busted

on the way to the station

totally stoned and paralized

By interregation you demand the fifth

and for the revenge

you pissed all over the station

because you're only 13

Now they bring you home

and your mother doesn't know

what to do with you

then they send you to a social worker

who doesn't have a clue.

Both of them are trying

to tell you what to do

and threaten to put you in a fester home

And after four hours of discussions

you promise you'll change.

Social Failure - you're 13

4.Hello Neighbor

Nello Neighbor.

last night I was really drunk and loud

This hangover, what a torture

there is awful noises in my head.

Hello Neighbor.

these motherfuckers pissed

& puked on your stairs

and I can tell you,

that they stole your car, too.

Hello Neighbor!

5.Sunday Morning

Sunday morning 3pm, I wake up

Sunday morning 3pm, one eye open

Sunday morning 3pm, I'm in a bad mood

Sunday morning 3pm, I'm in a bad mood

I lay in bed with my jacket on

I lay in bed with my pants on

I lay in bed with my shoes on

my shoes on with shit stuck on

ye-ye ye-ye ye-ye ye-ye !

I lay in bed with my shoes on

I lay in bed with my jacket on

I lay in bed with my pants on

my pants on, totally wet from piss

I lay in bed with my shoes on

I lay in bed with my pants on

I lay in bed with my jacket on

my jacket on with vomit stuck on

6.Hangin` Around

Nothing to do we're hangin' around

We're not getting the time passed

We're only killing hours

We're just hangin' out in our room

Boredom is killing us

Oh oh oh oh

yeah yeah yeah-na, na, na, na !!

We're not getting the time passed

We're only killing hours

We're sitting around depressed

Tomorrow we'll kill ourself

7.The Capitol City Song

From Reichstag till keltbusser Door

Lines are passing

bodygards and BGS

Kreuzberg is occupied by cops

Get out of the way

Keep all Lanes free.

The diplomats are cruising

with red lights on

to the whore houses

The t.v. shows shows talk

about, moral and tradition

Lynching mobs and rent-a-cops

are on duty for the justice

Purity at the train station "zoo"

Where are all the junkies now?

They are all laying

in myouthouse toilette !

8.Beautiful Beach

We trough dynamite into the sea

so there are no more sharks

Then we cut down the palm trees

So everybody can comfortable

bask in the sun

At least let's concrete this place

so nobody loses his stuff in the sand

Beautiful beach, Beatiful beach, oh yeah

This is third world as we like it

Even the most stupid redneck

will get his stomach filled

without paying much money

And the blacks here are not lazy

They serve us drinks and dinners and shut up

And their wives get good wages

for dish washing and prostitution

Beautiful beach, Beautiful beach...


One beautiful thursday

morning in springtime

Peter Lorenz get kidnapped in Zehlendorf

They put him in a box

and then he realized

that now he was a hostage

of the "Movement June 2nd"

1977 Shala la la la la la la tida

Now he's sitting in the basement

with a sign on his breast

which says The Movement June 2nd

sends nice greetings

12 prisoners and a jumbo (747)

and also a priest on board

For each of them 20,000dm

thats's all they want

Otherwise Lorenz won't come back

1977 ...

Peter will come back later

arrival time unknown

You can go and look for him

search the whole land for him.

10.Fat Germans

I'm sitting in the underground (Metro)

Cruising around

A student is sitting on my left hand side

A redneck' on the right

And a skinhead right in front of me

They all are very much taller

and bigger than me

With pink pumped up faces,

they are staring at me

Have a look at the Costa Brava (Beach in Spain)

Or go to the Adriatic (mediterrranean between Italy & Yogaslavia)

Fat bodies in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Hot Dogs and beer, Bratwurst and wine

Fat Germans are constatantly swallowing

Fat Germans - stay where you are

Fat Germans - don't go to far

they come closer and closer

and I become claustrophobic

The sweat runs out of their fat pores

I think I can't take this any more

I push the fat guys with all my power

Away from me, and I jump up and run away

Far away from this place

But everywhere else I go

is just the same thing goi'n on.

I think about genocide

Fat Germans ...

11.Baby Boom

In the past, she was against children

She saw no reason

for more babies in this world

I said: "You're right",

cause I thought about the money

But now I see her belly

and I'm asking myself

"What the hell is this about?"

I think she's doing this

cause she's bored or she's afraid

that I will disappear some day

Without a baby, her life

makes no sense she thinks

And her belly becomes fatter,

and I'm asking myself

"What the hell is this ?"

Oh Oh Oh it hurts,

when I see you pregnant in the streets.

Oh Oh Oh it hurts,

when I see you walking

with a baby carriage

I remember her saying

that there are to many people

on this earth

because population exploded

At this time she was against children

but now I see her belly

and I'm asking her

"What the hell is that about !!?"


12.Ozone Hole Song

There is a hole in the sky

and I'm suntanning my dick

All of the sudden it falls off

ZAPP !!!

13.Social Critical Song

ever there lies a man

He pukes wine, booze and nightrain

He and his friends are obviously homeless

One of the gang is missing a leg

And his friend next to him

is pissing in his pants

this doens't bother me I don't care

I'm not interested in them at all

I just care about myself

See the young girl buying heroin

and her little brother sniffing glue

He smells very, very bad

does he ever wash himself ?

And like his older sister

he's selling his ass !

13. No Airbags for the CSU

At the meeting

was nothing special going on

But south german wine brought comfort

They left the parlament building

totally drunk

and fell asleep at the steering wheel

No Airbags for the CSU !

Big party meeting and speeches to yawn

This is the reason why beer ran constantly

Then they went home

In their brand new cars

and drove into a ditch

No Airbags for the CSU

and for the FDP and CDU.

For the SPD, too.

No Airbags for the CSU !

Election campaigns

till early in the morning

assisted by tens of booze

The way home was driven

much more aggressive

The mayer ended up crashing into a tree

with champaign and cognac

we set the whole country free

with Bailys and Nightrain

for the german revolution.