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April 1st, 2003 D Berlin  
we are all very exited, we really donít know what to expect from our upcoming brazil-tour. But first we have to get there with all our equipment and fireworks. After september 11th its not that easy to get pyrotechnics on air crafts, but we decide not to go the official way and declare the boom boom stuff. We just put the shit in a big case together with some other equipment, hoping the airport-security doesnít make any hassle. Now we are sitting in the first plane to madrid and it is already clear, that we are lucky and they didnít find your fireworks.
Cool. Mr. Slash Vicious' fear of flying isnít as big as we all thought, he is pretty relaxed, joking around and didnít even took the hardcore "I donít care pills" his doc gave him.
April 2nd, 2003 BRA Sao Paulo  
We arrive at 7 o'clock in the morning and get through immigration and customs easily. After a while of waiting Andrť the singer of the Nitrominds and el hefe of Nitroala Records picks us up. Now I see the urban craziness of Sao Paulo the first time in my life. Wow, super skyscrapers, supertraficjams, supersmok, supersambagirls, super soccer-players on the Autobahn etc....
Andrť brings us to the Nitroala headquarters in Santo Andrť. Great, we all take a nap and in the evening, our austrian friend oliver and his girlfriend pic us up to go to a their famous bar. They show us the transvestit-scene of Santo Andrť, chicks with dicks standing on the sidewalk showing there silicon tits and arses. Nice!!!
At the bar we start drinking almost frozen beer and then switched to caipirinha. After one caipi I have to admit that all caipirinhas I had so far where non alcoholic milkshakes compared to this one.
It kicks me under the table. At 1 oíclock the van with the back line pics us up and we are ready to go to Londrina. A seven hour ride in a small van with eleven people, back line and merchandize. As soon I enter the van I take a seat and pass out immediately. Thanks to the way to strong caipirinha I donít realize the torture of this first very long trip.
April 3rd, 2003 BRA Londrina  
we arrive in londrina at 10 am and check in the hotel to catch some sleep and breakfast, at 5 in the afternoon we go to the club to sound check. The venue sounds like a public pool, really bad, echoes everywhere. I feel sorry for the people whoíll show up tonight, they probably never heard a good sounding concert? But whatever, after sound check we go back to the hotel for dinner.
Back in the club we hang around, watching the people coming in. Wow, lots of nice looking girls wearing miniskirts and boots and also very drunk but nice guys show up. We drink the first beers to warm up. The first band is already on stage, they are called OVERWHELM and play some kind of hardcore. I guess they played real good, but I couldnít hear anything clear. The sound in this club is definitely one of the worst I ever heard.
OVERWHELM have brought a lot of friends with em, and every once in a while a guest singer comes on stage to sing/scream along. Cool show. After this our friends from the NITROMINDS enter the stage and really kick ass. Lots of people in the crowed sing along, slam dance and stage dive. The sound got a little better but not much. After NITROMINDS we do our show, I canít hear shit. But the people seem to like it. We do our RAMMSTEIN FOR POOR PEOPLE SHOW and try to play as best as we can with a shitty sound.
People get really confused when I do my ass-rocket show. Hahaha... I think they never saw this before. Anyway, for our first show in brazil we have a great time, the response is real good and we are all fucking happy to be here. Thanx to the punkers of Londrina and the local promoter.
April 4th, 2003 BRA Curitiba  
In the morning we celebrate our sound guys "Saurus" 50 000 000 birthday. We are all drunk and wear stupid hats. Then, after a couple of hours sleep we drive to Curitiba. Itís a long drive through the jungle. We almost have a couple of crashes with crazy-driving trucks, but only almost-crashes. Call us lucky bastards. Curitiba is another example for urban insanity. Skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere. This city reminds me of San Diego/ Cal.. The promoter of the show is a real nice guy, who plays in psycho-band called LIMBONAUTAS. He invites us for dinner in a pizza. Viola, our Brazilian merchandizer teaches me the Brazilian explanation for TAKING A SHIT. Its SENDING A FAX TO SATAN. hahaha the pizzeria I find the fax machine to do this.
Back in the club I wonder where all this kids come from? There must be a nest somewhere. The club is really packed with very nice young senioritas e seniores and everybody seems to have a real good time. Shit, I missed the support-bands today. During our intro-music people already start freaking out. Its getting real I mean REAL hot in here. People start circle-dancing, pogoing and stage diving. The water runs down the sealing and one guy is doing a salto mortale from stage and lands with his face on the concrete floor. Passed out cold, shit, people carry him out where the ambulance is waiting to bring him straight to the hospital. Later on we found out that nothing really bad happened to him. The show goes on as wild as it started. The girls really appreciate our MAKE SEX NOT LOVE and the boys are getting confused again when a show the ass-rocket. I think they all think Iím gay or something. Hey kids just try it out, its easy and you can do it with every sexual preference.
We finish up the show and everybodyís happy but I canít stop sweating for at least one hour.
Now its time for the NITROMINDS. They really rock the shit out of the people tonight. What a great HC-Band. Sometimes the really remind me on my first hardcore band "Inferno", but Eduardo there drummer is 10 000 times better than our drummer ever was.
After the show we load our way to small van and go to the hotel and there the party goes on until early morning while our driver Roberto is "talking  to the local hookers.
Thanx to the really nice promoter and all punkers from Curitiba. The show was raging and we all had the time of our lives.
April 5th, 2003 BRA Balneario Camboriu  
After a long drive through the jungle, we see the ocean the very first time on our trip through brazil.
Great, what a thrill. We need this kind of shit too in Berlin. The show had to move from Florianopolis to this place cause the cops decided that people under 18 are not allowed to go on evening punk shows anymore in Florianopolis. What a bummer. Another reason to say: Policia No!! The promoter had only 4 days to promote the show here so we guess there is not many people showing up tonight. The club is a disco, with a good stage and a very good pa-system. After sound check we check in they hotel which is close to the beach.
having dinner right at the beach gives me kind of a holiday feeling. Back in the club, the first i see is the promoters very sad face. Oops, I guess there is less people than they expected. The opening bands are still playing and a few people maybe 80 are hanging around in the club. But everybody seems to have fun and the bands (sorry I already forgot there names) play really good.
Tonight the Nitrominds play right before us and again rock the shit out of the crowd.
When we enter the stage people seem to be very exited and I see the promoter the first time smiling while singing along with our songs. Today I show the people how to use a condom. Its really not allot of people but everybody seems to have fun. This people really deserve to see my ass-rocket and guess what? I do it again and they love it. After the show we quick get our shit together and leave cause its already very late and we all wanna hang out at the beach the next morning. Thanx again to the very few nice people who show up that day to party with us and thanx big time to the promoter who lost a shit-load of money this night. And...of course ....Fuck the Florianopolice...and the rest of all cops, too.
April 6th, 2003 BRA Criciuma  
In the morning before we have to get ready to go to Criciuma, I walk to beach to jump in the ocean the first time since 1 year. Everybody else is still a sleep. At the beach I see allot of people walking up and down. What the fuck is this? And there is more and more people walking up and down the later it gets. Around 11 am there is about 10 000 people walking back and forwards. I am confused. I go back to the hotel and the others are already awake.
The ride to Criciuma is the coolest so far, we drive along the coastline towards south. Great view!
In Criciuma theirs already folks waiting in front of the club. Everyone in the club is very nice. As soon as we arrive theirs already dinner and cold beer on the table, very fucking cool.
The club is already full with people but the pissing sink on the toilet has no sewer? It holds around 200 liters and if every guy in this place will piss at least 3 times 0.5 liters. the pissing sink will surely over float by the end of the night. I keep our camcorder ready for this happening.
The support bands are all very good, but it seems to me that this town has a guitar-player problem.
In every of this bands plays the same guitar-player!!! When we enter the stage hell brakes loose. People stage dive and dance real hard, the whole club is packed with kids and when we do the punk rock-karaoke version of blitzkrieg bob, kids fall in the drums and other equipment. The show is very wild and I wish it will never end, but all of the sudden the power turns off and we have to end the show with the ass-rocket with really confuses the shit out of some of the kids.
After our show the technicians work really hard to set the power back up. During the Nitrominds play we all run around flirting and kissing the most beautiful girls we met in this country so far. But the kids are asking for everything we wear on our bodies. Canít the understand that we canít run around naked? This is very dangerous here in brazil we heard, police puts you in jail right away when they catch you naked.
But everyone in the tour-party is kind of afraid, cause we are looking forward to a fast and comfortable drive to Sao Paolo of 14 hours. NOT! When we stop the first time in the morning in the middle of the jungle after 8 hours driving, everybody crawls out of the bus with all bones hurting. We stopped at a little banana stand besides the road and i immediately fall in love with the girl working there. I never saw a beautiful, shy and innocent person like her but I canít kidnap her because the bus is already full. What a fucked up situation. So all I can do is make her the favor and by some bananas and a cup of coffee and wave her while driving away from the sweetest girl Iíve ever seen. Buuhhhhhhhhhhh.....
April 7th, 2003 BRA Travel Day  
Still driving, the bones of eleven people hurt like hell and horny Roberto slaps himself in the face not to fall to sleep. But whenever i look out of the van the country side is hilarious.
April 8th, 2003 BRA Promotion Day  
Today we have to go to an internet-chat-interview on UOL which is the biggest web site in Brazil. They bring us to the center of Sao Paolo into one of this big skyscrapers. The security gives us special identity-cards for the building but when we try to stick em in the card reading machines they do not work at all. So the security have to escort us through the building. Hahahaha this world will never be a save place for people who trust 100% in techniques. The people from the chat show are really nice, give us coffee and water and MACHINE WEST scares the shit out of me by opening the window in the 30st floor while I was not prepared. My fear of highness is killing me some day. The interview runs very good but a little complicated. The chatters can post their questions on the UOL site, a girl pics the best out and mails them to a guy sitting left to us in the tv-studio, he is asking the questions in Portuguese. Andrť from the Nitrominds sitting on our right hand side is translating the questions into english. We give the answers and than they go the whole chain back. Funny.
April 9th, 2003 BRA Rio Claro  
Rio Claro is some little city, two hours away from Sao Paulo. We arrive there in the evening and the bar where the show takes place tonight reminds me allot on the "Wild at Heart" in Berlin. The people here are very nice and also the cat who seems to be the owner of the backstage room. After sound check we all drive to the promoters home. His mother cooked some dinner for us and the promoter is very proud to offer us some Johnny Walker black label as desert. Everything is really relaxed here.
When we get back to the club the first band called VOLUMME is already on stage. They play Brazilian crunchy garage-punk rock which surprises all of us really much. Most of the Brazilian bands we saw so far play hardcore-punk related music but this band is really different.
The Nitrominds are next and play another real good show and the crowed is warming up. Iím glad that they donít play that long, because Iím already getting real drunk.
Now itís time to hit the stage but itís not possible because the meanwhile also drunk promoter locked us in the backstage room unpurpose. 10 minutes later he realizes that we are not already playing and lets us out of the backstage. The people of Rio Claro warm up slowly but by the middle of the show they all are really into it. There is hippies, gays, punks, funny chicks and allot of normal people enjoying the show. It turns into another party. The folks are all very pleased to see a guy sticking a rocket up his ass their very first time and its hard for us to leave this place because we all like to party until the end of time. At 7 oíclock in the morning we arrive at the Nitroala Headquarters in Santo Andrť and all of us sleep until late afternoon to climb in the van for the next show in TAUBATE.
April 10th, 2003 BRA Taubate  
It looks like this is the last ride with our hornie driver Roberto. Taubate is a little town full of students 2 hours away from Santo Andrť. We play in a little culture center with no stage and the sound is as shitty as in Londrina, too bad. After sound check we go to a little pizzeria for dinner and the girl who works there seems to be a Terrorgruppe fan. She thinks sheís doing us a favor by putting our cd in the player. Yeah, love to eat while listening to our own music. Not! Anyway, the pizza was good and after dinner I take a little walk through the town. At a little bar there are a couple of hundred kids partying on the street, all complete drunk out of their minds. Why donít they go to the show. They gonna miss something, but I guess nobody told them.
Back in the club there is already the first band playing. All bands play some kind of emo-core today. The kids wanna take pictures of us and pretty soon its our time to play the show.
I start the show with something new: The guitar-rocket !!! The kids freak out and start dancing immediately. When they start crowd-surfing a security comes to tell them that its to do this under the light-traverse. So the kids take a chair and do it in the middle of the room. That's ok for the security-guard and when the kids are bored and finished with jumping from the chair, he takes the chair and brings it back to its former place. Bizarre!
In the middle of the set the housekeeper of the culture-center comes to the stage to tell us to turn the noise down cause the cops are making trouble at the entrains, so we play a very silent and jazzy version of our song "Sunday Morning". The kids are kind of confused but when the housekeeper comes to the stage again to give us the sign that the cops are gone, we turn loud again and finish the show with a big showdown.
Now it's time for the Nitrominds. The play a hilarious show but also have to deal with a very bad sound. But the kids donít mind, still dancing and surfing their friends.
After the show we pack our stuff very quick in the van cause again we have to go back to Santo Andrť. There everyone falls in his bed super-tired to relax for the tomorrows show in Hangar 110 in Sao Paolo.
April 11th, 2003 BRA Sao Paolo Hangar 110
This club rocks. A dutch guy, who made this club one of the best sounding places Iíve ever played, welcomes us. A total of 5 bands play tonight and sorry I canít remember all there names but they all played fucking great and I think the crowed has a great time. Lots of our new friends from Sao Paolo show up and we all party and drink until Terrorgruppe is ready to play.
We go on stage and do our RAMMSTEIN for poor people show. Play as hard as we can. I put a condom through my nose, teaching the people how to practice safer sex.
My amplifier fucks up etc... yes we pull the whole punk rock show. People really seem to like it!! After the show we try to dry up as soon as possible and hurry down to the bar. The Nitrominds already play another raging show and the Terrorgruppe parties its way through the people, hope to come back next year to see you all again.
April 12th, 2003 BRA Recife April pro Rock Festival
We have to get up at 5 in the morning to go to the airport. Recife is 3500 kilometers north of Sao Paolo. That means we have to fly there. At the airport Johnny Bottrop falls to sleep while standing in the check-in lane. It is fucking to early for us. When we arrive at the gate a beautiful voice appears and tells us that the aircraft is fucked up and we have to wait until its fixed. That takes about 5 hours. So we spend the time with sleeping and having massages,
whatever. Finally the plane goes via Recife with Terrorgruppe sitting in the business class!
How did this happen? In Recife we get overwhelmed by a big heat wave. My gosh, its fucking hot here, this is hell. A van picks us up and brings us to the festival-venue. Its inside a big hall, way bigger than any town-hall I have ever seen in my live. They expect 8000 people and only use a 4th of the capacity. Wild.
We do a little sound check and at 6 oíclock Terrorgruppe enters the stage while 4000 kids freak out. We play 45 minutes and the kids really go nuts.
Is super hot in this plays and after we finish our set, I canít stop sweating the next couple of hours. Everybody is partying with the kids in the hall and the people from DEAD FISH until late evening. We are all sweating out last water reserves and around midnight we take the van to our hotel. After checking in I check out the hotel-pool together with Andrť (today's favorite tour-manager) and our roady Jens. We donít move out of the water until 3 in the morning. The rest is looking for fun at salsa party around the block.
What a raging night.
April 13th, 2003 BRA day off  
Today weíve to fly back to Sao Paulo, but first everyone takes the chance and jumps again in the hotel pool. Some idiots like myself hang out in the sun way to long and get sunburned. Most of us look like lobsters when we arrive at Recifes airport to take our flight back to Sao Paulo. This time the aircraft takes off in time.
We are glad to be back in the Sao Paulo where it's nice and cold and the wind and rain is cooling our burned skins.....bla bla bla
April 14th, 2003 BRA Sao Paulo  
Today we will appear on an internet TV- show called ALL TV. And the cool thing is, we are allowed to play live!!! Andrť and Lalo (today's promotion managers) bring us to the TV Station and there we enter the studio. After a little sound check, the show starts with a nice interview and than we continue the interview and start playing again a.s.o.... Nothing special, but you donít want to know how our burned skins hurt while carrying a guitar on a strap over the shoulder and back. Ouch.
April 15th, 2003 BRA Sao Paulo  
Gordo is the singer of a very unique brazilian hardcore band "Ratos de Porao". I met him the first time in Berlin about 15 years ago and helped them shouting choruses when they recorded one of their albums their. Now he has his own Show on Brazilian MTV called "Gordo a go go". Its something like the Letterman - show, a talk show with an live act playing.
We are on his show tonight, playing live and we have a hell of fun doing this.
Before the show, Gordo tells me that he became to fat the last couple of years and got in trouble with his health. So they cut him off and minimized his stomach so he canít eat that much any more. He lost 30 kilos in 2 weeks, wow.
MTV brazil is allot different to the the european version. They play allot of hard music and its not that cheese, respect.
April 16th, 2003 BRA Sao Paulo  
Today is the last day of this tour for us. While the others are spending all day on our friend OLLIís wedding, I sleep long and go down town for extreme shopping. I hate weddings and funerals and stay away from this institutions. But I guess the others had a good time, cause they all come back to Andres house very drunk.
This night we have the last show of our little tour and I feel very sad. I donít want to leave this cool country. We play the BlackJack club, a nice little club which remains me allot to the "Wild At Heart" in Berlin. Our T-Shirt boy Viola plays drums with his band and opens the show, they play some kind of hippie-hardcore. All our friends from Sao Paulo are here tonight so I miss the second band. The Nitrominds are on next and play a really, really cool set with guest singers and stuff. Then its our time. We have a really cool time on stage, SM West's Kick drum-skin breaks and 10 people from the audience help him changing it in the record-time of 5 minutes. There are enough musicians like "The Forgotten Boys", who know, how to do this. We continue the set and have a great Finnish.
The after show and - tour-party goes on until the early in the morning and then we have to pack our stuff together and leave this cool country.
Thanks to everyone who helped us realizing this tour specially: Andrť at Nitroala Rec., The Nitrominds, Viola and all the very idealistic promoters....

If you want to know more about punk rock in brazil, check out this web sites:

see you all next year,

MC Mothafucka