The Movement - Move!

2003 THE MOVEMENT "Move!"

Destiny Records 109 / Aggropop 6
Release Date 26/May/2003

Open your eyes and see what you missing !!!!
Open your heart and feel what you`re longing for !!!!
Open your mind, be true cause itís your turn !!!!

The Movement is a power-trio from Copenhagen/Denmark. They play punk-rock-mod with elements of ska. Their sound is influenced by The Jam, The Who and The Clash.
The Movement is a well dressed band who always wears suits, they know the old mod-slogan:
"clean living under difficult circumstances"

There are two interpretations of the groupīs name "Movement" MOVING TO MUSIC: The Movement is a high energetic band. They really kick off on stage and people canít stand still, they just have to move. Itís pretty simple and very basic: They are a great live band and they got a unique power pointed directly at the audience.
POLITICAL MOVEMENT: The Movement is strongly committed to serve the working class. The main goal is to encourage young people to resist and question everything. In that matter The Clash has been a great influence: "Politics and poetry". The Movement is not member of any organisation or political party, they just want to give music a bit more bite.

"We, as a modern rock group, can only inspire and encourage people to resist. There`s a new and constantly growing generation of young kids interested again into political questions, expressing deep fundamental critic and rejection of the global effects of capitalism and its mechanisms of exploitation, war and oppression - young people searching for truth and enlightenment in times of total manipulation, lie and darkness. This album is dedicated to all of them. The world is still so young, and there is still so much to come.
These songs are made for you, enjoy it loud, without feeling guilty and with out being wrong, you deserved it."
The Movement

"I saw the band for the first time in autumn 2002 in a little club in Berlin and was fascinated by their very cool and unique retro mix of mod-punk-power-pop, rock-n-roll and ska. A week later my friend Madam Schwarz called me to ask, if I would be willing to help him in producing a new band from Copenhagen, his good friends, playing a mod/punk/ska-mix of style. It turned out that these guys were THE MOVEMENT! Two weeks later we all worked together recording 13 great songs with very deep, honest, and politically charged lyrics. This was one of the best and proudest things that have happened to me the in last years" Archi Alert

Move! was recorded in november/december 2002 at Subversive Productions/Copenhagen, DK
Engineered by Adam Schwartz.
Produced by Archi Alert for AGGROPOP/DESTINY
Words and Music by Lukas Scherfig.


  1. How Come?
  2. Get Pissed
  3. Truth Is...
  4. One Way Culture
  5. Turn Away Your Faces
  6. Wasted Youth
  7. Still An Echoe
  8. Losing You
  9. Control Your Temper
  10. Play It Safe
  11. I Need You
  12. Throw It All Away
  13. Waiting
Lars Schśdler: bass
Kalle Mathisen: drums and backing vocal
Lukas Scherfig: guitar and lead vocal